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How to you measure "green"?


“Green” building means a lot of things to a lot of people. What does it mean to you and your clients, and how, if at all, do you measure how green something is?

One Project Closer recently explored this subject, sharing these benchmarks:

  • Water conservation: How are you minimizing wasted water?
  • Energy efficiency: Similarly, how are you reducing energy consumption?
  • Resource efficiency: “This aspect focuses on the energy required to create something. That means producing, shipping, installing and more. This is the area with the greatest potential impact but it’s also very complex.”
  • Community and site impact: How does your work affect the community and the environment around it?
  • Indoor environmental quality: “…more than just air quality. It’s everything in a home that you touch and breath from carpets to kitchen cabinets.”

These are complex matters. What if something is made of non-sustainable materials but provides an energy savings over its lifetime? Or what if the “non-green” product lasts longer than the green one? Or if a local product is widely available and the green option needs to be shipped halfway across the world?

What’s most important to you? What would you like to see as standards for green home products?