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How Realtors Can Succeed with Millennial Buyers


As more and more Millennials are purchasing new homes, it’s important older realtors better understand them. Realtor Mag reports that to succeed with Millennials, you need to understand how they use technology, how to validate their sense of individualism, and respond to their dominant emotions. Understanding aspects such as a new reliance upon technology is key to succeeding with the up-and-coming millennial generation.

Technology is second nature to Millennials, and it isn’t really much of a stretch to consider it as a part of who they are. So, if looking to connect with the Millennial buyer, consider deploying technology in innovative ways. Realtor Mag suggests scattering iPads around the house you’re showing and running little videos on them that showcase some aspect of the house potential buyers otherwise wouldn’t see. They go on to suggest that it’s better to use images, actions, and impressions rather than words.

Millennials value individualism. The best way to help them is to be a resource – don’t present yourself as an all knowing expert, but rather be an empowering resource.

Realtor Mag also reports that Millennials’ preoccupation with technology has made them more uncomfortable in face-to-face interaction than previous generations, but they still long for that connectedness. So, by being an engaged and empathetic partner to them, you help them feel connected while reducing their insecurity and addressing their wariness.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013 To kick off our prep work for the Global Youth Summit, the ITU hosted special one-day MILLENNIALS JAM WORKSHOP at its ICT Discover Center, with an exclusive and select group of 40 entrepreneurial young people. The objective of this unique one-day event is to crowd-source a more detailed framework for the Summit where approximately 25,000 young people will input their ideas for the post-2015 global development agenda. ITU/Rowan Farrell