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Houzz offers building professionals, homeowners a dynamic platform for inspiration


Where do homeowners and building professionals alike go to find inspiration?

More and more, it’s, the online platform that CNN dubbed “the Wikipedia of interior and exterior design sites.”

But Houzz isn’t just a great place to inform your next project — it’s a great place to generate business leads!

About 2.4 million people visited Houzz last month, where they found home beauty shots, new product photos, ideabooks, discussion boards and links to professionals in their area. (And there’s a good chance some of those professionals are your competition!)

Think about this: Houzz now has more than 700,000 registered users and the site’s traffic has quadrupled from this time last year. If you’re invested in social media marketing, Houzz — perhaps more than Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest — is where you need to be. Here’s some tips from Houzz on getting started:

  1. Create a brand profile. Upload high-quality images of your products as Houzz is a highly visual platform. Some brand examples include: DWR  Kohler, and James Hardie. Brands are able to link to their profile from their website as is done with other social media platforms.
  2. Interact with the community. If your brand has an expert on staff, consider answering questions in the discussions area to help users understand their options and increase awareness of your brand and products. Simply search within discussions for relevant keywords such as “windows” or ”roof”.
  3. Explore advertising options. All of the previous named brands also advertise on Houzz. Houzz offers unique, highly contextual programs that reach the more than nine million monthly users, and can also isolate the 125,000+ trade professionals in the Houzz community.