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Hot Home Trends


Homebuyer’s preferences are always changing – a fact that can be particularly challenging for builders looking to meet buyers needs. In order to stay ahead of the game, executive director of KTGY, Nick Lehnert, believes that builders should treat housing trends as somewhat of a checklist when designing new homes, reports ConstructionDIVE.

A typical challenge for builders is incorporating relevant trending items, which are easily applied to the luxury home market, and modifying them for generally more affordable homes.

Eight of the top new home design trends for 2015 from KTGY, and as reported by ConstructionDIVE:

  1. Personalization/”Idea spaces”
  2. Super kitchens
  3. Pet amenities
  4. Spa-like master baths
  5. Larger media areas
  6. Smaller homes
  7. Better indoor/outdoor connectivity
  8. Larger garages