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Hit the Pool!


As we hit mid-July, many across the country are looking to beat the summer heat. What better way to drop rising body temperatures than jumping in the pool?

Although certainly valued throughout the country, you’ll find some cities are a bit more committed. For instance, according to Realtor Mag, in Coral Springs, Fla., pools are practically a must-have amenity. Shelly Lesser, a real estate professional in Coral Springs, told® that in her community alone only three out of 550 homes don’t have a pool.

Arizona and Florida boast the highest number of residential pools nation wide, but that probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise as they also experience some of the hottest weather in the country. Even so,® reminds us that having a pool doesn’t necessarily boost your home’s value. In fact, it can be a turnoff for buyers with young children, as they can pose a health hazard. Other homeowners just don’t like the idea of messy and expensive upkeep. Still, when temperatures climb, having a pool is hard to argue.

Top 10 medium to large cities with the highest percentage of backyard pools as reported by®:

  1. Coral Springs, Fla.: 66%
  2. Scottsdale, Ariz.: 62%
  3. Tempe, Ariz.: 46%
  4. Chandler, Ariz.: 40%
  5. Glendale, Ariz.: 37%
  6. Gilbert, Ariz.: 37%
  7. Clearwater, Fla.: 32%
  8. Clovis, Calif.: 32%
  9. Mesa, Ariz.: 31%
  10. Plano, Texas: 31%