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"Green building is a temporary phenomenon"


A few weeks ago, Daily5Remodel reported on a McGraw-Hill Construction study that showed green building soaring as a segment of the building industry while total construction starts plummeted by more than a quarter in the past two years.

Of course, new construction isn’t the only realm in which energy efficiency and sustainability are important players. Green building provides a compelling profit motive in an otherwise tough economic climate, but it also has the altruistic motive of environmental friendliness. And along those lines, green remodeling is a place in which you can make a positive impact.

In an interview with Custom Home magazine, green builder Ray Tonjes explains why he feels green remodeling is an important cause:

New construction has always been the primary focus for most of the green building programs and energy code changes. But if you think about it, the low-hanging fruit for real progress is with the country’s 100 million or so existing homes. Selective deconstruction and repurpose, use of more durable materials, recycling of construction waste, as well as energy efficiency upgrades in additions and remodels, is rapidly becoming a bigger part of the overall housing industry.

Later in the same article, he offers this take on the future of green building and remodeling:

I think green building is a temporary phenomenon, which serves to bring attention to the issues around it and provide a structure for change. In another 10 to 15 years, these concepts will be the norm and there will be no need to differentiate. We will be back to simply being home builders again.

Food for thought as you head off for a long holiday weekend. Happy holidays!