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Get the most for your money when window shopping


When comparing windows, it’s easy to get hung up on the sticker price. But when you purchase a product from Integrity, you’re getting more for your money than just a simple window.

There are multiple factors that provide value, giving Integrity windows a huge advantage that’s impossible to ignore. For instance, the warranty — a full 20 years on glass seals and 10 years on manufacturing defects. When you buy an Integrity window, you can plan to have it around and functioning in top condition for years to come. In fact, a recent study report that fiberglass windows have a 38 percent longer useful life expectancy than vinyl.

What’s more is the energy savings. Integrity’s ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows can save homeowners up to 15 percent on energy bills.

Value is just one of the factors involved in the window-buying process. For more helpful tips on what to look for when making the purchase, check out our Decide With The Diamond video series hosted by Lou Manfredini.