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For most, the home is a permanent work in progress


Perhaps this should come as no surprise, but according to the Houzz Decorating Trends Survey of more than 1,700 Houzz users, when it comes to home decor, homeowners are nothing if not fickle.

The survey found 66 percent of homeowners have recently decorated the same room they are currently tackling. What’s the fun in complacency, right? It’s more fun to think of one’s home as a work in progress, anyway. Tastes evolve. Trends come and go. Truth is, your home probably isn’t a finished product until it has been sold to someone else.

Here are a few additional findings from the survey that deserve mention:

Three-in-five homeowners are including seating in their master bedroom (60 percent).

Nearly half of homeowners are using their dining room daily (45 percent) and another 26 percent are using it weekly. Rectangular dining tables (62 percent) with dark wood (38 percent) or glass (25 percent) and seating for six are most popular.

In addition to the usual popular living spaces, televisions are showing up in 16 percent of dining rooms. Homeowners are just as likely to include a TV in their kids’ room as a reading nook (both 35 percent).

Accent walls remain popular throughout the house, but are most likely to appear in the home office (57 percent), kid’s room (55 percent) or master bedroom (52 percent). Urban dwellers are more likely to have accent walls (54 percent) than homeowners in suburban (42 percent) and rural (41 percent) neighborhoods.