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Floor outlets give homeowners flexibility


Homeowners may be unpredictable, but here is one safe assumption: Home electronics are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, homes are more wired than ever these days, and with the glut of power cords comes the need for more creative wiring options.

No homeowner wants every last one of their electronics anchored to a wall, or worse, powered by an unsightly extension cord that snakes under furniture and rugs. Might as well be a tripwire!

There is a better way to power electronics. The market for floor outlets is flooded with great options, allowing homeowners to power their stuff from the middle of a room without disrupting design. Here are some of the best options out, according to Remodelista:

Carlon Receptacle Drop-in Floor Box Kits with Hole Saws (Approx. $40)

Arlington Adjustable Floor Box Kit with Outlet and Flip Plate in Brown-Remodelista

Arlington Adjustable Floor Box Kit with Outlet and Flip Plate (Approx. $20)


Stainless Finish Pop Up Floor Box Kit from Garvin Industries (Approx. $70)


Orbit Brass Industrial Floor Box Pop-up with Duplex Receptacle and RJ45 by Alcon Lighting Company (Approx. $150)