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Do you understand the modern homebuyer?


Shawn Draper at IMRE Build IQ is hardly the average consumer when it comes to building a new home, but his recent experience with an out-of-touch contractor left him wondering if homebuilders are prepared for the modern homebuyer.

Draper depicts this modern homebuyer as well-informed on the latest trends, building materials and appliances. The modern homebuyer diligently researches products, rebates and tax credits online; reads reviews and ratings for builders, architects and designers; uses Pinterest to aggregate photos and ideas onto neatly ordered inspiration boards.

This puts added pressure on building professionals to be plugged in to the latest trends to meet homebuyers’ expectations. But understanding the changing consumer is absolutely critical to business.

Draper writes,

“If I can buy a Rheem tankless water heater that provides more hot water, is energy efficient, and saves me money, I want to know about it. If certain products are not performing well, I want to know this too. I can find this information online in forums, blogs, and numerous other social media forums. Builders need to actively participate in this library of information, too, to help them stay informed of what their homebuyers are seeing and reading.”

What are you doing to stay in touch with the information at your target consumer’s disposal?