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Connecting with Today’s Homebuyer


According to the recent release of National Association of REALTORS®’ Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2015, Millennials are quickly moving out of their parent’s basements and into homes of their own. In fact, those 34 and younger made up 32 percent of all buyers in 2014 and 31 percent in 2013 – representing the largest share of recent buyers, as stated by REALTOR® Mag.

The increase in those within the tech-savvy generation buying homes does raise some questions for real estate professionals – a group that, according to Aol Real Estate, is considerably older than the home buying generation that they serve. Fears of younger consumers bypassing traditional home buying routes in favor of the Internet have been debunked by REALTOR® Mag’s survey, which shows although Millennials go online to search for homes, 90 percent purchase through their real estate agent.

What can generationally removed realtors do to better connect with a younger demographic? Aol Real Estate suggests that many Millenials prefer emails and texts to phone calls, apps for checking listings as well active social media engagement are essential, and quick responses to questions are a must.