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Colorful exteriors make multifamily housing complexes stand out


When buyers choose to live in multifamily housing complex, it usually comes with one major concession: The large residences tend to lack uniqueness. It’s difficult to make an apartment or condo feel like one’s own when the the building’s exterior blends into its surroundings. Admit it: A lot of these complexes are blandly built to avoid looking outdated or antiquated a few years later.

That’s overlooking a great opportunity.

With so many people considering affordable housing options, now is a great time to stand out. As Amy Albert of writes, “Whether it’s luxury or affordable housing, bright color on the exterior can help a structure stand out and be a bright spot on the landscape. Used thoughtfully, with a keen eye to the environs, color doesn’t have to look trendy and can send a message of optimism, innovation, and invitation.”

Albert’s story includes a great photo gallery showcasing innovative ways designs have added style and spunk to the exterior of multifamily housing complexes.

Bottom line: Take a chance! Set your facility apart by interjecting some personality and individuality. It will go a long way toward attracting renters and buyers who would rather not live in a building that merely blends in.

[Photo courtesy Frances Zera]