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Case study: Upscale condos at heart of the city


Highland is an upscale, 10-story luxury condominium located at the heart of Birmingham, Alabama’s cultural center. Located in the historic Highland district directly across from Caldwell Park and the Virginia Samford Theatre, this luxurious condominium offers park views, fine dining and neighborhood living in the shadow of downtown Birmingham. Highland offers eight
floors of living space with a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units; a state of the art health and fitness facility; pool and garden areas; and elegant landscaping and common areas.

The biggest difficulty facing the project from the beginning was the site’s tight footprint. The beautiful location offered an ideal setting for the luxurious European-styled condominium residence, but it also provided some logistical challenges during the construction phase of the project.

Integrity was able to ease this burden with its ability to consistently deliver complete and defect-free orders within 10 calendar days. This allowed windows to be efficiently batch-ordered for installation two floors at a time, so deliveries and installation could seamlessly be coordinated into the project timeline with limited interruption and confusion to other elements of the construction process.

The bronze windows and doors were chosen for their rich dark brown color that elegantly complements the building’s brick exterior. It was the desire to achieve this robust look that first brought the Highland project to Integrity. The
superior durability, heat and UV resistance of Ultrex eliminated lingering concerns the project leadership had surrounding the longevity of the originally specified vinyl product in the heat and humidity of Alabama. It also allowed for the windows and doors to feature the preferred bronze exterior finish. The end result is a stunning building that offers some of the best living in Birmingham.

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