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Case Study: The Manor Garden


Here’s a cool project we wanted to show you. It not only features Integrity, but also our sister brand Marvin Windows and Doors.

The Manor Garden, a newly constructed, multi-family residential building designed by Anthony Vandermark Jr. and Frank Minervini of Minervini Vandermark Architecture, successfully blends modern building methods and materials into its neighborhood’s historical context. For many years, the standard for new buildings in and around Hoboken, with few exceptions, had been very poor.

The Manor Garden helped demonstrate new thinking with its honest, straightforward design and construction. Many solid elements — brick, cast stone and metal — were largely predetermined, but the plan called for maximum glazing in an effort to help nature penetrate further into the deep narrow floor plan. Finding the right balance was necessary, adhering to strict city ordinances regarding clear ratios of glass to masonry, etc.

Integrity and Marvin products were key in maximizing the amount of glazing with consideration for noise minimization on a busy, urban street. And since heat gain and loss were also concerns, Integrity’s and Marvin’s range of products proved to be clear winners.

Since completion, The Manor Garden has become a neighborhood standout and set a shining example for nearby infill projects to come.

Photography courtesy of Frank Minervini.