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Case Study: Rutledge Ave.

Replacement Housing Services specializes in full replacement and renovation of homes for move-up buyers who value urban living. Each project is supported by extensive research and analysis covering everything from the selection of the building site to the architectural fit within the neighborhood and community, as well as the current and future lifestyle needs of the homeowners. An example of this process at work is the Cape Cod-style new construction at Rutledge Avenue in Edina, Minnesota – a home that brings value to the homeowners, neighborhood and community at large.
The property at Rutledge Avenue was strategically chosen because it afforded the opportunity to replace an outdated home in a revitalizing neighborhood. The new house is proportioned to the size of the property. It is not too big or too small and avoids eclipsing the size and scale, or impacting the views of the surrounding homes. Additionally, in keeping the square footage of the building to a sensible, tasteful size, it was possible to devote a greater portion of the budget to high end products and finishes.

The theme for the interior, exterior and landscape of the residence are carefully crafted to suit the historical fabric of the neighborhood and to maximize homeowner value. The combination of high-quality building materials, finishes and traditional design makes for a home with strong character and high appreciation potential, yet one that also conveys a sense of individuality, strength and permanence for the homeowners.

As a part of the inclusive design process of Replacement Housing Services and to remain consistent with the architectural design standards of the project, Integrity windows were selected for their exceptional quality and value at a competitive price-point. The clean, sharp lines of the windows align with the unique architectural design and detailed trim of the home. In addition, the windows enhance the livability of the indoor environment by providing plenty of natural light and well-ventilated spaces for improved air quality.