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Built-ins building momentum in affordable homes


It’s no secret square footage is deceptive. Compare an 1,100-square-foot condominium with an 1,000-square-foot starter home. Which feels bigger?

Trick question: It all depends on the floor plan. Square footage can easily be tricked, and it’s done adding elements like built-in features. Historically reserved for more expensive homes, built-in features are showing up more commonly in affordable homes as owners seek to maximize every last inch of their space.

Senior editor Claire Easley at Builder writes,

“Beautiful and functional, built-ins are a balm for many ills. They add value, end clutter, and answer the never-ending call for more storage space. And while typically associated with high-end custom homes, built-ins don’t have to be a big expense.”

Photo courtesy Veranda Estates Homes & Interiors.