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Builders Keeping Pets Top-of-Mind


There’s no denying it: people love their pets. They’re considered part of the family, so it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that more and more homeowners are taking their pets into consideration when purchasing new homes. Subsequently, building pet-friendly homes has become top-of-mind for builders.

From designing homes with amenities including ‘smart’ pet doors and elaborate washing and grooming areas, to creating separate living spaces for pets, it’s clear that pets are an important factor when helping clients buy or remodel a home, reports Realtor Mag.

There are currently around 79.8 million pet-owning households throughout the country – a number that will likely continue to rise. To accommodate the market, it makes sense that the demand for pet-friendly homes will increase.

Following are a few things Realtor Mag suggests to consider when building or remodeling a home to make it more pet-friendly:

  • Make sure the home has enough space for pets to run around and play in a natural environment.
  • Choose hard surfaced flooring that makes cleaning up after pets easier, and even seek out flooring that is similar in color to the pet’s fur. Specialized flooring made with pets in mind is also an option.
  • Consider installing an electronic or ‘smart’ pet door. It’s one of the most popular pet amenities right now, and owners can coordinate the times when it’s open.
  • For cat owners, a litter box area that blends in with surrounding cabinets can be placed underneath a countertop in the kitchen or laundry room.
  • A pet food station set at the pet’s height can be created out of a slide-out cabinet drawer.
  • A washing area is a prime concern for pet owners. Some options include putting a walk-in shower near the garage or backyard. It’s ideal to construct this washing zone near an area where the pet can be washed off before entering the house.
  • And of course, the ultimate luxury for any pampered pet: a room and bed of their own.