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Builder Magazine offers 10 new products builders should use in 2012


The successful builder understands adding new elements to home designs over time is about more than evolving or shaking boredom. Year after year, new products, whether major appliances, smaller accessories or building materials, enhance livability and re-shape the way owners interact with their home.

Per tradition, Nigel F. Maynard at Builder Magazine has created a list of 10 products builders should add to their homes in 2012. Maynard writes, “Our list this year has no particular theme, except to help you and your buyers consider some new ideas. It includes products that are merely about aesthetics and design, some that are practical, and some that will help improve the energy efficiency of your homes.”

I encourage you to view Builder’s list for yourself, but here’s some of the highlights:

Energy Monitor
Within five years, these may become a standard feature in most homes. While monitors won’t magically improve a home’s energy efficiency, Maynard writes, “The idea is that if people know exactly how much energy they are consuming, they are more likely to change their habits and reduce consumption.”

Blow-in Insulation
With so much emphasis on improving insulation, blow-in insulation not only trumps roll form in terms of performance – it’s much easier to use, as well. “Blown-in insulation, on the other hand, gives you a better fit, better coverage, and a better seal—and is hard to install incorrectly,” Maynard writes. “It also can be installed more effectively around junction boxes and wires.”

Insulated Vinyl Siding
Vinyl siding usually gets picked for its durability, but with new insulation options, vinyl siding can bolstered as the first line of defense against the elements. Maynard writes, “Not only do you get an air and moisture infiltration barrier, but you also get a thermal break that stops heat transmission. Moreover, boards can be installed straighter, so walls look better.”

[Photo Credit: Courtesy Johns Mansville]