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Being a professional


Remodeling Magazine asks this provocative question: Are you a professional? Here’s a snippet of their argument:

“These remodelers may earn a wage for what they do, but is there any profit earned to compensate them for the risks they take in owning and running a company? If the business is not earning a profit the business is not professional. If you offer free plans and estimates, are you truly a professional or are you an amateur hoping to be discovered? If you think you have to do free plans and estimates because so many other remodelers do, either learn how to get paid for these services or work to eliminate the amateurs.”

Interesting idea. Now in this tough economy and housing market, sometimes if you are not making money it’s because there is not a lot of business to go around. But maybe offering freebies to potential clients isn’t necessarily the best way to go about things.

As always, a strategic look at business practices is needed: Do your initial free offerings bear fruit in the form of new and repeat business?

The blogger, Shawn McCadden, also makes the point that true building professionals know and follow building codes and adhere to safety practices. They get permits, care about the safety of their workers and follow laws for payroll and taxes.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with McCadden’s definition of a professional? What are some other things that make a builder or remodeler a true professional. Strategic planning? Marketing? Customer service?

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Image courtesy of Saginaw Future on Flickr