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Attics: They're not just for storage anymore


The attic hasn’t traditionally inspired images of a playful space to entertain guests. But when done correctly, the attic can provide a perfect space for a game room.

Check out the photo above from Dewson Construction Company of Wilmington, Delaware. Billiards, air hockey, shuffleboard, darts, putting green and even a bar. These homeowners have made their attic the life of the party. Here’s some tips for your team to offer some of the same to your clients, from Shawn Ghautier at Houzz:

  • Create a focal point with a feature wall. “Game rooms usually have a lot of action, so it’s nice to develop a visual focal point so the eye isn’t jumping everywhere.”
  • Expand light by opening the stairway. “Short on enough light to play your games? Consider borrowing from the floor below.”
  • Simplify your color scheme. “Try to limit your room’s palette to no more than three colors for the entire space.”
  • Forgo hardwood floors. “Install wall-to-wall carpet for an extra-cozy space.”
  • Don’t feel like it needs to be fancy. “Game rooms in general are casual spaces for play and fun. As long as you’ve deemed the attic up to code as a living area, you can keep expenses down by furnishing it simply with your favorite game tables. Add some basic seating and let the games begin!”