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Areas With the Biggest Population Gains


For the first time ever, the Census Bureau has released data for migration flows between metro areas from the American Community Survey. The data shows that nearly 20 percent of all movers in the United States and Puerto Rico relocated to a different metropolitan area in the last year, reports Realtor Mag.

Overall, the largest migration flow was from the Los Angeles metro area to the Riverside, Calif., metro area, which saw 90,494 movers, said Realtor Mag.

Areas with the biggest population gains:

  1. Travis County (Austin) Texas: 26, 883
  2. Harris County (Houston) Texas: 8,596
  3. Maricopa County (Phoenix) Ariz.: 7,586
  4. Fort Bend County (Houston) Texas: 6,259
  5. Lee County (Monterey) Calif.: 6,053
  6. Clark County (Las Vegas) Nev.: 5,915
  7. Palm Beach County Fla.: 5,768
  8. Bexar County (San Antonio) Texas: 4,746
  9. Riverside County Calif.: 4,641
  10. Denton County, Texas: 4,626