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Architects are cooking up new business in the kitchen as homeowners seek more size, functionality


Architects are cooking up new business in the kitchen, according to Matthew Strozier at the Wall Street Journal.

Citing a recent survey from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Strozier writes that as kitchen areas are growing and becoming more wide open in nature, architects are seeing steady work from homeowners interested in a kitchen renovations.

“…Renovation is really the only game in town for architects looking for work, the AIA survey showed. Only two construction segments were reported to be growing: ‘additions and alterations’ and ‘kitchen and bath remodeling.’ Other categories like condos and second homes offer little promise these days, architects reported. Unable to move-up to a new home, it seems some people are opting to renovate.”

The survey also found some of the most desirable kitchen additions include computer areas and recharging stations dedicated to portable devices.

If kitchens are a growing area of opportunity, what is your business doing to take advantage?