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A Very Small Kitchen


Wow…that’s all we have to say about this. A 2.4 cubic feet kitchen. Yes, you read that right: 2.4 cubic feet. For a kitchen.

It’s the Superconductor from Avanti and it contains a fridge, sink, two electric burners and two drawers. It even has a nice backsplash. In one tiny bit of space, you can store perishables and other food, cook on a stovetop and even wash dishes. Add in a microwave and a toaster oven, and you could have a complete kitchen that could go in a corner of your house.

The Superconductor could work for a variety of situations: dorm rooms, apartments with roommates, offices, even regular homes that need a little more kitchen power.

Is this compact wonder something your customers might go for? Would it be something useful for very small apartments? Or is it just a cool toy?