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5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn Equipment for Winter Storage


Winter months are traditionally a bit slower in the world of real estate, but for those thinking of selling in the spring, now is the time to prepare. Taking care of your lawn equipment in the fall can ensure top-notch curb appeal once the snow has melted – making your house even more attractive when the real estate market, and actual weather, starts to heat up.

Following are five tips from Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, reported by Realtor Mag, that will ensure you and your yard equipment will be ready when winter is over.

  1. Always consult your owner’s manual for directions on how to properly winterize and store your equipment.  If you can’t find your manual, check the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Disconnect the spark plug and battery cables before storing; you’ll also want to do this before servicing or repairing equipment. Wear safety glasses and gloves to protect against harmful chemicals and debris.
  3. Drain the fuel. Stored equipment should not have fuel in its tank. Many fuels today contain ethanol, which absorbs water and may separate, causing operating problems. If there is fuel in the tank, remove what remains. You can do this by running the engine until it stops.
  4. Store leftover fuel properly. If you’re planning on storing gasoline for more than 30 days, treat it with a fuel stabilizer. Use a sealed container that is approved for fuel storage. Always keep fuel out of the reach of children and animals, and away from heat sources or flames.
  5. Check and clean your equipment. Check for loose belts or missing or damaged guards. Tighten all screws and nuts. Remove any grass, leaves, or dirt that have accumulated on your equipment.