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10 Products, Practices, and Systems for the Future


This week’s Builder Blog post examines what the next ten years will bring for building trends, practices and products. New ideas and technologies will be shaped by consumer needs and wants for the home, builder preferences and societal trends. The environment will have a say, as well; as our growing population requires more resources and energy, sustainable homes and practices will move to the forefront.

Writer Nigel Maynard surveyed a variety of professionals (LEED architects, sustainable builders, the works) to obtain an accurate prediction about the future of the industry. Furthermore, his article is enhanced by various facts and quotes regarding energy use and new building practices.

In future years, there will be a strong emphasis on the home functioning as a system. This applies to everything from plumbing to insulation; all parts are interconnected and can make a difference in energy and cost savings.Another change on the horizon is regulation of water usage and a strong emphasis on conservation.

Most important, the article discusses the role human behavior will play in these new practices. There is to be a much stronger focus on “educating green” and teaching homeowners how to properly use the sustainable features of their home, garnering greater cost savings and protecting mother earth. There is even a new feedback system available that reports energy usage levels within the home using red, yellow and green lights. “Studies have shown that when people see how much energy they are using, they will alter their behavior.”

Obviously, change is coming. Which of these trends, technologies, products and practices do you think will become most established in the next 10 years?

Image courtesy of Builder Online, Brian Stauffer