All aluminum cladding is not created equal. Our extremely durable extruded aluminum substrate is significantly stronger than roll-form aluminum. Marvin clad meets the toughest AAMA 2605 70% PVDF standard for a finish with superior resistance to fading and chalking.


Marvin uses high quality extruded aluminum cladding as standard on all our clad products. We also hold our finishes to a higher standard than many in the industry.

The Marvin standard coating meets AAMA 2605-11 for extruded aluminum, resulting in a significantly superior coating on all Marvin components. The AAMA 2605-11 standard for roll-form aluminum components does not measure up – requiring only a 0.9 mil finish thickness, instead of the 25% thicker, 1.2 mil, coating required to meet the AAMA 2605-11 standard for extruded aluminum.

This high-performance coating is the same used on monumental high-rise buildings all over the world, where repainting the 50th floor is the last thing any owner wants to do. Marvin offers that same quality finish for our customers. The result is a far-and-away superior finish so strong that it will last 20 years with excellent resistance to loss of adhesion, chalking or fading.


So confident are we in the performance and longevity of the extruded aluminum material that we use it in all major clad components: frame, sash and divided lites system. This uniform use of quality extruded aluminum material provides a more uniform look over time. With such a high-performing finish, we have doubled the warranty to a 20-year warranty* against loss of adhesion, chalking or fading according to the AAMA specification 2605-11.

According to industry guidelines, sun and weather can take 1/10 of the finish every ten years. Marvin's thicker 1.4 mm finish directly translates to more years of finish. We can warrant our finish for 20 years because our finish leads the industry in thickness.

*Some custom colors may not qualify for the 20 year warranty. For details, contact your local dealer. For a copy of the Marvin warranty, see


Mother Nature can throw some pretty nasty things at man made buildings. This is why all Marvin extruded aluminum clad products feature Fluropon® — an extremely durable fluoropolymar paint finish with 70% PVDF. During manufacturing, a chemical bond is created between the extruded aluminum and the paint finish that resists chalking and fading. Before the finish is applied, Marvin's aluminum cladding goes through a five-step pre-treatment process that allows the finish to adhere smoothly. Unlike roll-form aluminum, Marvin's clad extrusions are formed first and then painted, which results in superior adhesion and a consistently thick finish that ensures your Marvin clad products will retain their color, gloss and beauty for years to come.


Chalking is the breakdown of paint which creates a white powder that coats and dulls the finish. These microscopic images illustrate the superior resistance to chalking that Fluropon® with 70% PVDF has over standard finishes. Notice the heavy pitting that occurs over time, which results in chalking.


UV rays cause paint finishes to fade over time. These panels illustrate the superior resistance to fading that our Fluropon® with 70% PVDF has over standard finishes used on roll-form aluminum and vinyl.

Chalking comparison of 70% kynar 500, silicone polyester and acrylic finishes exposed for zero, 51 and 120 months
Fading comparison of Kynar 500, polyester powder and silicone polyester finishes

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