Remodelers Love Sarah Susanka

Sarah Susanka seemd to genuinely enjoy herself at this book signing. (Unfortunately, she had red-eye in every single photo we took!)

We took part in a great event Wednesday night: the 25th annual “Big 50″ reception honoring the biggest names in remodeling. Hanley Wood put on the event, and Marvin Windows and Doors was among the sponsors.

Sarah Susanka was on hand to sign copies of her latest book, “Not So Big Remodeling.” There was a line at her table all night long — she barely had time for a sip of water.

Sarah is marvelous in these settings — charming, chats with everyone and writes a personalized inscription. People were very excited at the chance to meet her and to get a free, signed copy of her book courtesy of Marvin.

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sarahsusanka (Sarah Susanka) Sep 17 2010 4:23PM
Twitter Comment
OK--Last piece of news from the event I went to in Baltimore. It was a really wonderful occasion, with a book... [link to post]

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