Marvin Wins Telly Awards

Marvin Windows and Doors has won two Telly Awards, recognizing the nation’s best in regional television advertising and programming, film and video production, and online content.

Marvin won bronze Telly Awards for two installments in its “Life Remodeled” online video series. “St. Mary’s” tells the story of a 100-year-old church in Potsdam, N.Y., that needed to renovate its magnificent, historic stained-glass windows. St. Mary’s called on the technical expertise and craftsmanship of Marvin to precisely fabricate and fit new mahogany frames that would allow the towering windows to live on for another 100 years.

Garden Home” showcases the personal residence of noted garden home designer P. Allen Smith, on the Arkansas River outside Little Rock, Ark. In the video, Smith discusses the interplay between man and nature, and offers ideas on how to make a home reflect its natural surroundings while maintaining modern performance and efficiency. FORT Group of Ridgefield Park, N.J., produced the Telly-winning videos.

“As consumers increasingly use the Internet for research and inspiration on their home projects, we’ve made it our mission to create engaging and informative content,” said Marvin spokesman John Kirchner. “We’re proud that our efforts have been recognized with two prestigious Telly Awards.”

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