Marvin maintains no-layoff policy despite continuing tough times for housing industry

In an article in the Grand Forks (N.D.) Herald, a major regional daily newspaper near Marvin Windows’s home town of Warroad, Minn., president Susan Marvin discussed the company’s financial outlook for the year ahead.

Marvin Windows will not be laying off workers nor closing factories. However, Marvin employees will not be receiving a year-end bonus for the third consecutive year and only the sixth time in 55 years, with future prospects also dim.

“I always have hope, but I think we’re in for a very long recovery period,” said Susan Marvin, company president. [...]

Still, the manufacturer based in Warroad, Minn., is drawing a line in the sand on layoffs, unlike its competitors. Andersen Windows recently announced plans to lay off 250 workers in its home base in Bayport, Minn., two years after more than 500 layoffs.


“If you treat your employees right, they’ll treat you well,” Marvin said. “We have a very loyal work force and very loyal customers.”

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