Marvin is first company named to MN builders’ hall of fame

Honored for “significant and lasting contribution” to Minnesota building industry

WARROAD, Minn., March 1, 2012 – In an unprecedented honor, the Builders Association of Minnesota has named Marvin Windows and Doors to the Minnesota Building Industry Hall of Fame.

Marvin is the first company to be so honored, joining 37 individuals who had previously been inducted into the hall.

“It’s an honor and it is humbling to be the only company to have received this award,” said John W. “Jake” Marvin, chairman and chief executive officer of Marvin Lumber & Cedar Co., the parent organization of all the Marvin companies.

“More than four thousand people have ‘thrown in’ with the Marvin companies and have stayed with us throughout these very difficult years,” Marvin said. “Many of these great folks have given us their very best years. So it’s on their behalf that I thank you for this wonderful recognition.

“We’ve always supported builders in Minnesota and across the nation with high-quality, innovative and beautiful products that will help bring their customers’ vision to life,” Marvin said. “We also believe in working together to advance the building industry, which provides high-skill, high-wage jobs for thousands of Minnesotans and millions of Americans.”

Founded in 1994, the Minnesota Building Industry Hall of Fame honors those “who make a significant and lasting contribution to the housing industry in Minnesota and to the Builders Association of Minnesota.”

Marvin was selected as the first company to be inducted because it is a Minnesota company that has consistently supported Minnesota’s home building industry and builders associations, officials said. With well-respected representatives across the state such as Daryl Doehr, John Taylor and Tom Sinning, Marvin has volunteered countless hours in support of the association and the industry.

“The Builders Association of Minnesota is proud to have Marvin Windows and Doors as a member and to have inducted Marvin into the Minnesota Building Industry Hall of Fame,” said BAM President Keith Kylmala. “Members of the Hall of Fame are the pillars of the residential construction industry in Minnesota, and Marvin fits that description perfectly. They so willingly volunteer time, energy and resources to the association and the industry statewide. Marvin is a model citizen of the Minnesota residential construction industry and the communities in which they do business.”

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Garren 7/19/2014 7:24:34 AM
all they would need to do is place a pry bar under the door and lift it up to unhook the latch. you could buy a step pin latch and islatnl it on the outer door at the bottom of the door latch side and drill a hole into the metal base track for security, provided that doing so wouldn't interfere with the screen door, and it shouldn't interfere with the stationary door. by the way, if you are thinking that a closet pole in the track on the inside will stop break-ins, i have opened sliding doors for people who locked their keys inside, the wind blew the door shut on her. all i had to do was lift the inner door with a flat bar, insert a scratch awl in between the two doors, and flip the pole out of the way, lower the door back down after i slid it past the latch. her baby was in the car seat inside on the floor, her purse and cell phone on the counter, and the husband was out of town. the toe latch, various latch bars, and other means are more secure, and worth the investment. good luck, hope this provides some insight and helps you decide what to do.
Arnie Tietz 3/2/2012 7:05:19 PM
Congratulation's, for being inducted into the Minnesota Building Industry Hall of Fame. After spending 41 years in the building industy in Minnesota, (the last 12 with Marvin), I can honestly say I dont know of another company who is more desirving of that honor. We need more " Marvins" in our state, conutry, and world!
Joan Taylor Peterson 3/1/2012 7:13:53 PM
I am John Taylor's older sister and work at Marvins and am sure that dad (Morris) and mom (Ev) would be very proud of this great milestone. Great going to the Marvin family and all the workers around the globe.

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