Marvin doubles warranty on exterior cladding finish to 20 years, celebrates with "Any Color You Want" custom-color program

Wood-window leader offers unmatched beauty, strength and durability with its extruded aluminum cladding 

WARROAD, Minn., Sept. 18, 2012 – Marvin’s “Any Color You Want” program celebrates the marriage of Built around you® custom-color cladding with unmatched performance that’s backed by a new 20-year warranty.

“Marvin customers know the ‘Built around you’ philosophy that lets our customers personalize their windows and doors — in terms of design, functionality and style,” said Christine Marvin, marketing director for Marvin Windows and Doors. “Now, we’re telling customers who choose our clad windows and doors, whatever your inspiration for color, Marvin will build a color around you.”

Adding even more value is a new 20-year warranty on clad finishes. Marvin is so confident in the superior quality of its extruded aluminum cladding and its durable, beautiful finish that the manufacturer is doubling the length of the finish warranty. Complete warranty information is available at

Marvin uses high-quality extruded aluminum on its clad products, which is the thickness of a quarter; competing roll-form products are the thickness of a soda can. Our finish exceeds the stringent standards of American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2605-11. The extremely durable finish is a standard on all Marvin clad products and allows for uniformity across a product’s casing, frame, sash, and simulated divided lite bars, offering consistency in its look over time.

“This is truly a win-win for our customers: ‘Any Color You Want’ reflects your home inspiration and style objectives, plus a 20-year warranty on our beautiful finish,” Marvin said. “Today’s homeowners are looking for market-beating performance in every product they buy. Marvin already can create any size or style of window and door that a customer desires. Now we can create any color they desire in a clad finish, with no minimum order, supported by an industry-leading warranty.”

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