We employ nearly 4,500 highly skilled workers at manufacturing facilities in five states: Minnesota, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Oregon. Marvin is a major employer everywhere we have our facilities – and more often than not, Marvin is the major employer.

We’re proud of the communities where we do business, and everything we do is aimed at supporting our employees and helping their communities thrive.

These are the places Marvin calls home.

WARROAD, MINNESOTA: Population 1,800

Located six miles from the Canadian border, this is our headquarters and the home of Marvin’s main factory, a 2 million-square-foot facility. Here we build many of our most popular windows, including our Ultimate Casement line, round-tops and double-hungs. Our factory employs more workers than live in the entire city, drawing workers from as far as 50 miles away.

Our product development team is in Warroad, along with Signature Products, the group that tackles the most challenging design and construction projects. Our Architectural Department and customer service teams also call Warroad home.

Many of our workers in Warroad are the second, third or even fourth generations of their family to work at “Marvin’s,” as the locals call it. Their skills and loyalty have been passed on from one generation to the next.

Located on the shore of beautiful Lake of the Woods, Warroad attracts lovers of the outdoors. Many of our workers are avid hunters, fishermen, boaters and snowmobilers. We have a flexible scheduling policy that lets our workers arrange to take time off to pursue their favorite activities.

The Marvin family has generously supported many of the city’s institutions, including schools, the library, sports teams, an elder care facility and the volunteer fire department.

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA: Population 208,000

We’re proud to be part of this beautiful city, the largest in North Dakota. Located on the Red River of the North – which flows north to Hudson Bay – Fargo has been a bright spot in our nation’s economy for a number of years.

Our main manufacturing facilities for Integrity Windows and Doors, and Infinity Replacement Windows are located here. The success of Integrity and Infinity has drawn other businesses to Fargo, including Cardinal Glass, which supplies much of the glass for all the Marvin companies.

We employ nearly 500 workers in Fargo at new, high-tech facilities. Fargo is also home to Tecton Products, which supplies the patented Ultrex® fiberglass for Integrity and Infinity products.

GRAFTON, NORTH DAKOTA: Population 4,300

Located about 45 miles northwest of Grand Forks, N.D., Grafton is in the heart of the rich Red River Valley farm belt. Marvin built a new factory in Grafton in 1997 to handle increased demand for many of its key product lines, including round-tops, gliders and double-hungs.

We employ more than 500 workers at a modern, high-tech facility.

RIPLEY, TENNESSEE: Population 7,800

Ripley is where we manufacture our industry-leading Marvin patio doors. This beautiful city in the Mississippi River Valley of western Tennessee has been part of the Marvin family since 1981. Briefly the home of a young Tina Turner, Ripley is in the heart of an area that has produced many of America’s most notable blues musicians.

Since opening, our Ripley facility has grown more than six times in size and now employs more than 500 workers in a modern, 570,000-square-foot plant.

ROANOKE, VIRGINIA: Population 303,000

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of America’s most beautiful regions, Roanoke has been an important transportation and manufacturing hub for more than 150 years. Education opportunities are plentiful, with universities like Virginia Tech and Virginia Western nearby.

In 2004, we opened a new facility in Roanoke to meet growing demand for Integrity Windows and Doors.

We now employ about 300 in Roanoke.

BAKER CITY, OREGON: Population 9,800

Our windows and doors start in Baker City, which supplies the cut wood stock we use to craft our products. Located in the Powder River Valley between the Wallowa and Elkhorn mountain ranges, Baker was a center of gold mining and was once the largest city in Oregon. Baker City is known for its beautiful historic district, featuring a majestic, copper-roofed City Hall.

We opened our Baker City cut-stock facility in 1986, and it now employs more than 250 people.


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